Abby Haddican is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Hi. I'm Abby Haddican.
I'm a graphic designer and artist. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

I work at an incredible studio called  Werner Design Werks. I also accept freelance graphic design and illustration projects. When I'm not designing, I love to read, take long walks, go to the movies, dance-clean, day-drink, and rage against the patriarchy. 

Before I started designing, I studied English at the University of Minnesota and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine. I got my arts education at the College of Visual Arts from 2011-2013, and I served on the Board of Directors for AIGA Minnesota from 2014-2016. 

Project Inquiries

If you'd like to discuss a project, please send an email to abby@abbyhaddican.com or call me at 612.208.9479. Let's make something awesome together.