Mr. Mak's Ginbao Packaging

Mr. Mak's Ginbao packaging designed by Abby Haddican.

Mr. Mak's Dynasty Ginbao packaging designed by Abby Haddican at Werner Design Werks

Mr. Mak's Ginbao Packaging

Client: Mr. Mak's
Packaging Design

Work produced at Werner Design Werks

For centuries, ginger bao (broth) has simmered in kettles across Asia. It’s the base for nearly half of Traditional Chinese wellness drinks, but it’s never been bottled…until now. Mr. Mak’s, a New York-based startup, is introducing this intensely spicy drink to American consumers. Organic, gluten-free, and low in sugar, Mr. Mak’s Ginbao supports healthy digestion and a strong immune system. 

The  label design for Mr. Mak’s Ginbao is inspired by the tangram―another Chinese innovation that made its way into the western world―with a dose of Qing Dynasty meridian charts and a nod to vintage Chinese medical packaging. This project was honored in the 2018 Print Regional Design annual.